The Main Structure And Working Principle Of Micro Linear Actuators

The Main Structure And Working Principle Of Micro Linear Actuators

The Main Structure

Micro linear actuator is composed of drive motor, reduction gear, screw, nut, guide bush, push rod, sliding seat, spring, casing and turbine, micro-control switch, etc.

Working Principle

After the motor is decelerated by the gear, it drives a pair of screw nuts. Turn the rotary motion of the motor into a linear motion, and use the forward and reverse rotation of the motor to complete the push rod action. For example, complex movements such as rotation and shaking can be completed through various levers, rockers or connecting rods and other mechanisms. By changing the length of the lever arm, the stroke can be increased or increased.

Micro linear actuators are electric drive devices that convert the rotary motion of the motor into the linear reciprocating motion of the push rod. It can be used as an executive machine in various simple or complex technological processes to realize remote control, centralized control or automatic control.

KM electric push rod is a universal auxiliary drive device, which can be widely used in electric power, machinery, metallurgy, transportation, mining, petroleum, chemical industry, lifting, transportation, construction, grain and feed processing and other industries. It has the characteristics of reliable performance, sensitive action, stable operation, the same pushing and pulling force, and good environmental adaptability.

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