After-sale Service

Welcome to use our linear actuator to make your life easier and more convenient! We provide you with first-class products and excellent service to ensure that you get the best experience during use.

Our linear actuator is made with the most advanced technology and the highest quality materials, offering a variety of advantages. It can easily push heavy objects, saving you time and effort. It can be adapted to a variety of scenarios, such as home, office and factory, so that you can easily cope with a variety of tasks.

Our after-sales service team is always on hand to provide you with comprehensive support and assistance. If you encounter any problems during use, just call our customer service number or send an email, we will solve the problem for you as soon as possible. We are committed to providing the highest quality service, so that you can buy at ease!

Make your life easier and more convenient by choosing our linear actuator! Enjoy excellent products and excellent service to make your life better!

Warranty Policy


Ningbo Beilun Jointway Leader Machinery Co., Ltd. warrants that linear actuator are free from defects at materials or workmanship under normal use during the warranty period. 

Warranty Period

The warranty period for linnear actuator is One (1) years. Warranty period starts on the day of product purchase. Your purchase Invoice (or delivery receipt) showing the date of purchase of the product are your proof of the purchase date. 

Warranty Procedure

Jointway Leader will replace defective products for free. The customer needs to return the defective product first. After we confirm that there is indeed a problem, we will send the new product to the customer. Do not bear any other expenses.

Limitation of Liability

The following actions and damages are excluded from the warranty:

• damage caused by human factors, improper use;

• damage caused by act of nature, such as fire, flood, wind, earthquake, or lightning, etc.;

• damage caused by the use period exceeds the use environment of the product itself (e.g. corrosive environment; Exceeding thrust limit; Improper use voltage);

• damage caused by any other abuse, mishandling, or misapplication.

If it is a long-term cooperation partner with our company can be discussed separately.

Research & Development

Driven by technology, bringing you a new experience - linear actuator

With the rapid development of technology, our quality of life is also improving. Now, we bring you the pen-type electric actuator, so that you can easily experience the convenience of technology.

1. Innovative design 

linear actuator adopts innovative design, simple but not simple. The exquisite appearance design makes your home space more fashionable. It can not only easily fit into various home styles, but also add a unique charm to your home.

2. Ultra-quiet operation

Our linear actuator adopts advanced silent technology, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of high technology without the interference of noise. Whether at night or early in the morning, you can use our products without any noise disturbance.

3. Strong stability

Our products are subjected to strict quality control and durability tests to ensure that the products you buy are stable and durable. We believe that only stable products can meet your long-term needs.

4. Easy to operate 

Our products are easy to operate, you can easily control the movement of the actuator with just one push. Both the elderly and children can easily operate our products.

5. High-quality materials

Our products are made of high quality materials to ensure the durability and reliability of our products. The materials we use are strictly screened to ensure the quality and safety of our products.