Linear Actuator Application

Linear Actuator Application

Linear Actuators Solutions for Different Industries

In the wave of science and technology, we keep exploring and innovating in order to push human society forward. Today, we bring you a revolutionary product - Pen Motorized Actuator. We believe that the application of pen type electric actuator will bring more convenience and possibility to our life. It is not only a product, but also our beautiful expectation and pursuit for the future. In the wave of science and technology, we will continue to innovate, explore and move forward to provide you with more quality products and services. Let's work together to create a better future!

Linear Actuators Solutions for Medical & Diagnostics

Medical & Diagnostics

In the medical field, the linear actuator shows its incomparable potential. The precise control of surgical instruments and the precise adjustment of rehabilitation equipment can only be achieved with the help of the linear actuator. Like a meticulous artist, it injects more possibilities into life.
Linear Actuators Solutions for Marine


In the marine sector, the linear actuator also shines. Whether it's adjusting the rudder or maneuvering the ship's equipment, it's as elegant as operating a piano. The driver can easily navigate the vastness and depths of the sea simply by virtue of its precise control.
Linear Actuators Solutions for Smart Home & Furniture

Smart Home & Furniture

Imagine you are in a smart home with warm sunlight pouring through the windows. The pen-type electric actuator in your hand is like a magic wand, and with a wave of your hand, the solar tracker on the window automatically adjusts the angle so that every ray of sunlight is fully utilized. This is the application of pen-style electric actuator in the field of smart home, so that the perfect integration of technology and life.
Linear Actuators Solutions for Factory Automation & Robotics

Factory Automation & Robotics

The field of robotics is equally wide open. Pen electric actuators provide a powerful power source for robots, so that robots are no longer subject to physical limitations and can realize more complex movements. They are like a flexible brain, giving intelligence and vitality to the robot.
Linear Actuators Solutions for Automotive


In the automotive field, the pen-style electric actuator brings unprecedented convenience and safety to drivers. Whether it's adjusting the rearview mirror or adjusting the seat position, everything is under control with just one push. Every operation of the driver is like a masterful performance, making the driving experience more comfortable and safer.
Linear Actuators Solutions for Solar Tracking

Solar Tracking

Explore the potential of pen linear actuators in solar power generation. This innovative, efficient, and environmentally friendly product simplifies solar power usage, making it accessible and convenient for everyone. Embrace a sustainable future with our pen linear actuator.