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    Ningbo Beilun Jointway Leader Machinery Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise integrating the manufacture and processing of general machinery, auto parts, motorcycle parts, molds, plastic electrical appliances, and hardware. We are professional China DDTG-55 High Speed Linear Actuator manufacturers and custom DDTG-55 High Speed Linear Actuator factory, we are committed to custom precision parts, auto parts, plastic products and hardware products machining online at wholesale price. The company integrates injection molding and machining, and is based on high-grade and high-end markets. The company has all kinds of advanced machinery and equipment required for production, and has a group of machining production technicians with rich experience in product production and technical control. The company always strictly checks and pursues excellence in the DDTG-55 High Speed Linear Actuator quality control, which is the foundation and strong guarantee for the company's products to be trusted by customers in the market.

    Our products cover almost the entire applicable fields of equipment manufacturing and machinery manufacturing and processing industries, mainly automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, construction machinery, mining machinery, forklifts, agricultural machinery, ships, petroleum machinery, construction, power accessories, electromechanical , hardware tools and other industries.We have 32 different types of machining centers and CNC lathes, as well as 2 injection molding machines, which can produce 5,000,000 plastic parts and various hardware products annually.Regarding quality inspection equipment included CMMA, profile projector, high gauge, altimeter, micrometer, pin gauge, calipers ETC. Not only the reasonable price, we also can promise a guaranteed lead time,and good reliable credit.



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