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What is A Linear Actuator?

The Linear Actuator is composed of a drive motor, a reduction gear, a screw, a nut, a guide sleeve, a push rod, a sliding seat, a spring, a casing, a turbine, and a micro-control switch. Linear Actuator is an electric drive device that converts the rotary motion of the motor into the linear reciprocating motion of the push rod. It can be used as an executive machine in various simple or complex technological processes to realize remote control, centralized control or automatic control.
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    We have a strong R&D team, which can develop and produce products according to the drawings or samples provided by customers

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    We have our own laboratory and the advanced testing equipment in the industry to ensure product quality

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    Our annual sales exceed 100,000 pieces, which can meet the needs of customers with different purchases

Custom scope

Our goal is to provide the market and customers with customized solutions, whether individual products or complete sets of equipment.

  • OD specification


  • Stroke length


  • Thrust


  • Voltage

    12V 24V 36V 48V

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Application Field

Linear Actuator has been widely used in Vehicles, Marine, Auto skylights, Solar energy, Smart home, Medical equipment and Industry mechanical.

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  • Aerospace

    Industry mechanical

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    Sloar energy

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    Medical equipment

  • Aerospace


  • Aerospace

    Smart home

  • Linear actuator advantages

    Linear actuator can be designed with different thrusts according to different application loads. Generally, the maximum thrust can reach 6000N, and the no-load running speed is 4mm~35mm/s. The linear actuator is powered by a 24V/12V DC permanent magnet motor. source, which converts the rotary motion of the motor into linear reciprocating motion. Push a set of linkage mechanisms to complete the switching work of dampers, valves, gates, baffles, etc. The use of linear actuator as the actuator can not only reduce the air source device and auxiliary equipment required by the pneumatic actuator, but also reduce the weight of the actuator.

Linear actuator product case description

DDTG-53 The Linear actuator is applied to in industrial machinery and automation,
automobiles, high-speed rail, smart homes (electric reclining chairs, electric lift tables, electric lift beds, etc.), etc.

  • Voltage(V) 12V NO-load current(A) ≤1.3 Load current(A) ≤3
    Max.Power(W) 85W Material of outer tube Al6063 Material of lead screw 304 stainless steel
    Material of piston rod 304 stainless steel Material of the nut Plastic Working duty(S2)
    Life time(cycles) 10K Protection class IP66 Work 2 minutes and rest 15 minutes
    Operating temperature(ºC) -20~60 Storage temperature(ºC) -40~60 can work continuously in small load state.
    Backlash(mm) 1mm Colour Black Noise on load(dB) 75dB
    Wire connection Sheath wire Wire length(m) 0.4-0.5m Certification CE

Custom Tubular Linear Actuator Manufacturers - Jointway Leader

Our tubular linear actuators feature long life and high-quality design for easy installation and durability. Ningbo Beilun Jointway Leader as professional China custom linear actuator manufacturers and tubular linear actuator factory, we offer custom micro linear actuators for sale at wholesale price. Our advantage is that we can customized tubular linear actuators according to customer needs, the main customization range is 16-100mm outer diameter, 50-1000mm stroke, 50-10000N thrust, and 12V 24V 36V 48V four kinds of different voltages. Our linear actuators are widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, ships, solar energy, smart homes, medical equipment and industrial machinery to fully meet user needs. Our goal is to provide the market and customers with customized solutions, whether it is a single product or a complete set of equipment.


    Ningbo Beilun Jointway Leader Machinery Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise integrating the manufacture and processing of general machinery, auto parts, motorcycle parts, molds, plastic electrical appliances, and hardware. We are professional China micro linear actuators manufacturers and custom tubular linear actuators factory, we are committed to custom precision parts, auto parts, plastic products and hardware products machining online at wholesale price. The company integrates injection molding and machining, and is based on high-grade and high-end markets. The company has all kinds of advanced machinery and equipment required for production, and has a group of machining production technicians with rich experience in product production and technical control. The company always strictly checks and pursues excellence in the Tubular Micro Linear Actuators quality control, which is the foundation and strong guarantee for the company's products to be trusted by customers in the market.

    Our products cover almost the entire applicable fields of equipment manufacturing and machinery manufacturing and processing industries, mainly automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, construction machinery, mining machinery, forklifts, agricultural machinery, ships, petroleum machinery, construction, power accessories, electromechanical , hardware tools and other industries.We have 32 different types of machining centers and CNC lathes, as well as 2 injection molding machines, which can produce 5,000,000 plastic parts and various hardware products annually.Regarding quality inspection equipment included CMMA, profile projector, high gauge, altimeter, micrometer, pin gauge, calipers ETC. Not only the reasonable price, we also can promise a guaranteed lead time,and good reliable credit.



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