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The product is cost-effective and has a continuous and reliable product supply

1. The product has high cost performance and high gold content. The company is located in Ningbo Free Trade Zone, Zhejiang Province, with complete molds, injection molding, plastics, and supply chains. It is 10 kilometers away from Ningbo Zhoushan Port and only 2 hours away from Shanghai Port. It has a superior geographical location and a capable management team, reducing transportation costs. Labor cost; reduce production costs by strictly controlling procurement costs and implementing efficient production control; professional R&D team and technical service team can continue to provide new products with higher cost performance.

2. Continuous and reliable product supply. The company has sufficient production capacity and high control over the price, quality and stable supply of raw materials, laying the foundation for continuous production; the company implements the IATF16949 system and efficient operation mechanism to ensure that orders are processed as soon as possible to meet customer needs.

3. One-Stop Service. We provide various professional Manufacturing(CNC Machining/Milling, Turning), Prototyping, 3D Printing, Metal Sheet Fabrication and Surface Treatment services with multiple material options. You can find any machining services in our factory. Our management aiming at 'Integrity, practicality and innovation" in order to achieve our quality policy of fully satisfying the customer needs. We also provide cnc machining parts, motorcycle parts product, High Precision cnc machining parts, CNC Machining Brass Parts, aluminum CNC machining parts, etc.

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